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Not your typical real estate agent, and my approach to real estate goes beyond the usual buying and selling. I believe in diving deep into what your dream home truly means to you and carefully crafting a path to get you there. Whether you’re on the hunt for a new property or looking to sell your current one, I’m here to make every step of the process clear and manageable.

With over two decades of experience in marketing, I have a keen eye for what makes each property unique. I specialize in highlighting these features and telling your home’s story in a way that resonates with buyers and sellers alike. This isn’t just about listing a property; it’s about connecting the right people to the right place.

My commitment is to build relationships that last beyond a sale. I understand that every client’s journey is different, and I tailor my services to meet your individual needs. You’ll find that with me, you’re not just conducting a transaction. You’re embarking on a significant life decision, and I’m here to ensure that decision aligns seamlessly with your long-term goals and lifestyle.
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Personalized & Strategic Approach To Every Family

Michelle Yap’s Asset Progression Planning service goes beyond transactions, aiming to understand your unique needs and plans for a personalized real estate journey. Whether upgrading for family growth, right-sizing for a strategic cash-out, or multiplying assets without additional stamp duty, Michelle offers expert guidance to align your investment seamlessly with your goals.
Michelle Yap provides a comprehensive service beyond tenant search. She evaluates profiles, ensures smooth handovers, and introduces strategies for passive income through CPF. Michelle’s approach isn’t just about renting a property; it’s maximizing its potential for consistent and lucrative rental returns.
Michelle Yap showcases your property’s unique selling points through engaging videos and captivating photos. Leveraging 360 Virtual Tours, she strategically filters serious buyers, positioning your property for the right audience. With Michelle Yap, your property isn’t just marketed; it’s strategically presented for optimal impact.
Michelle Yap’s Prudent Financial & Timeline Planning involves a detailed review of your financials and a comprehensive risk analysis for your next move. Whether planning a sale or purchase, Michelle strategically plans the timeline for a seamless process. Focused on financial stability and risk mitigation, she ensures your real estate decisions align with long-term goals.

Michelle Yap

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