Connecting Families & Strengthening Bonds with Monopoly PropNex Edition & $100,000 donation to MSF in in support of the Community Link (ComLink)

17 MAY 2023 – In line with Families for Life (FFL)’s annual National Family Week (NFW) which will run from 3 to 11 June 2023, PropNex is bringing the most exciting boardgame of MONOPOLY PROPNEX EDITION to the heartlands for families to enjoy with their loved ones. Its aim is to encourage families to connect, bond and learn valuable skills through the unique boardgame and foster a deeper understanding of the Singapore real estate market and financial literacy.

On 3 and 4 June 2023 (Saturday and Sunday), PropNex will be supporting National Family Week by joining the activities held at Our Tampines Hub Community Auditorium. The key highlight would be the LIVE Monopoly Family Fun Challenge conducted for families who can play as a team and win prizes worth over $100 on the spot. Unlike the Nationwide PropNex Monopoly Championship which is concurrently being conducted for anyone above 18 years old, children aged 8 years and above are able to play with their families during the Family Fun Challenge.

CEO of PropNex Realty, Mr Ismail Gafoor highlighted, “We are indeed privileged to be able to partner with Families for Life and National Family Week to bring the Monopoly PropNex Edition to the heartlands, here at Tampines. This MONOPOLY PROPNEX EDITION is indeed different than any other boardgame in the market. Besides enjoying the game leisurely as a family, as it is an important tool for both young and old to discover more about the real estate landscape and financial literacy that will benefit that in the long run.”

Mr Ismail added that unlike normal Monopoly Boardgame which takes around three to four hours to complete, a game with MONOPOLY PROPNEX EDITION takes only around 60mins to complete. It is the world’s first boardgame that incorporates elements of the Singapore real estate market, along with property cooling measures similar to real life and its own unique set of rules and gameplay to determine the Champion of the game.

On 3 & 4 June, families with four or five members can play in one table/match, with one person emerging as the Table Winner. Each winner of the Monopoly Family Fun Challenge will bring home a GOLD MONOPOLY PROPNEX LIMITED EDITION (worth $69.90) which comes in a gold hot-stamped certificate with serialized number with the design of the box hot-stamped with gold-plated tokens. Plus, he or she will also bring home $50 Cash vouchers, totalling the prize worth to be over $100 for each winner.


In conjunction with National Family Week, PropNex is pleased to announce a donation of $100,000 to Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) in support of the Community Link (ComLink) initiative through Community Chest. The cheque presentation will take place at Our Tampines Hub Community Auditorium on 3rd June 2023 between 11:00am and 12:30pm with the funding being used to support community programmes for families with children living within rental flats in Tampines town. This donation builds upon PropNex’s strong commitment to the community. The company has been actively contributing to various programmes through Community Chest, with a most recent contribution of over $1.34 million in 2022.


The PROPNEX MONOPOLY CHAMPIONSHIP returns nationwide for second year running with cash prizes over $180,000 for the Top 100 winners, including $108,000 for the Grand Champion. This was after a successful Championship in 2022 where close to 10,000 registrants signed up for the games and 26-year-old, Talent Management Consultant, Ng Lan Ying eventually emerged as the Grand Champion for the year.

Lan Ying shared, “As long as time permits, I would love to participate again. I really enjoyed the experience in the first round – meeting new people, learning financial concepts and spending quality time with people I play with. Participating in the championship for the second time round feels like a whole new adventure, I am excited to be a part of.”

The Qualifying Rounds for the PropNex Monopoly Championship 2023 kickstarts in May 2023 and participants are strongly encouraged to sign up soon via due to limited slots available. Grand Finale set to be streamed LIVE on 20th August 2023.

About Monopoly
Monopoly is enjoyed by more than one billion players in 114 countries across the globe. While the brand has evolved over the past 87 years, the gameplay and iconography of the classic Monopoly game has remained unchanged, making it a timeless classic sure to be enjoyed by future generations.

About National Family Week
The National Family Week is an annual event to celebrate family ties and encourage families to engage in meaningful and fun-filled activities to strengthen family bonds. Held during the first weekend of every June, the National Family Week is led by the Families for Life Council and its partners across the people, public and private sectors. With an exciting line-up of events, programmes and promotions specially curated to cater to different families, there is something for every family at the National Family Week. For more information, please visit

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